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An artsy picture that I took with my friend Xanthe~ We found out that we basically had the exact same outfit by chance ahah. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE.


Right: (Me)

~Hair: Interrupt, ELIKATIRA (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Hope d tone, THE SUGAR GARDEN

~Headphones: Etude Headphones, HALF DEER

~Top: Open Back Halter, PROMAGIC (10L!)


Left: (Xanthe)

~Hair: Interrupt, ELIKATIRA (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Sophie- Angel, Muchness&Muchly

~Headphones: Etude Headphones, HALF DEER

~Top: Open Back Halter, PROMAGIC (10L!)

~Eyes: Vanity, Ikon


Song: (One of my faves :3)


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“Your fight for survival starts right now. You don’t want to be judged? You won’t be. You don’t think you are strong enough? You are. You are afraid. Don’t be. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight!”  I love Sucker Punch…. that movie is like a dream. A bit messed up at times, but that’s what I like about it ^_^. Me and my buddies decided to all be Babydoll and take a pic together. I think Bender pulled it off the best (on the right). Well it was a lot of fun anyways~


Me: (Left)

~Hair: Jessica, Catwa (Marketplace Promo!)

~Skin: Hope tone D, The Sugar Garden

~Outfit: Baby Doll – Dark Denim, SG

~Socks: Fashion Micromini skirt 02, R (1L, comes with skirts!)

MewingCharm: (Middle)

~Hair: Later, Magika

~Skin: LENE1, Mother Goose’s (Free, Lucky Board!)

~Shirt and Socks: HOS Female Uniform, SB Creations (Free!)

~School uniform Mesh skirt and Katana, Kre-ations (Past Group Gift)

~Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Optimism, IKON (Past Group Gift, new ones first week of each month!)

BendItLikeBender: (Right)

~Hair: Babydoll, Truth

~Skin:  Mother Goose’s MiChi,  Mother Goose’s

~ Baby Doll – Dark Denim, SG

~Socks: Black Drk Thigh Socks, Crazy Daisy



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Come pick up this awesome hair at LaNoir Soleil! It’s a hunt gift, and it’s so beautifully made (with the crown and flowers/ details). It’s perfect for any kind of fantasy creature outfit, or if you just want to feel like a queen ^_^. 


~Hair: MND4, LaNoir Soleil (Hunt Gift!)

~Skin: Hope d tone, The Sugar Garden

~Outfit: Cellar Door, Adyna (100L Set, really great stuff at this store for a pretty nice price)

~Ears: Lil’s Elf Ears- Simple, pe

~Eyes: Machine, IKON (Past Group Gift, new ones every first 10 days of the month)



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I came across this amazingly beautiful skin today at Beginner’s Luck. It was a 15 minute camp prize, and I am in love with the details on the face. The skin also comes with a built in yellow/green tattoo (and nails). Also, IKON has the new monthly group gift out! It’s a gorgeous gold color, and I will definitely be wearing it a ton. 


~Hair: Studio, Elikatira (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: EnrichedGreen, Dimbula Rose at Beginner’s Luck (Camp Prize!)

~Eyes: Ascension- Sahara, IKON (Group Gift!)

~Eyelashes: Eye Lashes, Nikita (1L!)




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Oh lookie here~ Another white dress. I guess I just have to edit the crap out of it again. I’m getting really interested in all of this artsy stuff. I think i might start posting more of these ^_^. I normally don’t wear flexi dresses, but I couldn’t not grab this dress when I found it at the White Armory. It’s so big and fluffy… Makes me feel like some kind of medieval princess ahah. 


~Hair: Abbey,  Elikatira (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Hope tone D, The Sugar Garden

~Dress: Lady of Camelot, The White Armory (Group Gift!)

~Lipstick: Nibble Lips, Vogue (Part of a Set, 11L)

~Eyes: Pewter, IKON (Past Group Gift, new ones every first 10 days of the month)



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I tried something a little different today with my pic. It’s a mirror water image (try it out yourself here: Also, I wanted to share this awesome dress; It has a crazy amount of details and is only 25L!


~Hair: Jessica, Catwa (Marketplace Promo!)

~Skin: Hope tone D, The Sugar Garden

~Dress: Adorabelle set, Angelwing (25L)

~Eyes: Optimism, IKON (Past Group Gift, new ones every first 10 days of the month)

~Makeup: Winter Holidays Gift, R3i (Free!)

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