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An artsy picture that I took with my friend Xanthe~ We found out that we basically had the exact same outfit by chance ahah. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE.


Right: (Me)

~Hair: Interrupt, ELIKATIRA (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Hope d tone, THE SUGAR GARDEN

~Headphones: Etude Headphones, HALF DEER

~Top: Open Back Halter, PROMAGIC (10L!)


Left: (Xanthe)

~Hair: Interrupt, ELIKATIRA (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Sophie- Angel, Muchness&Muchly

~Headphones: Etude Headphones, HALF DEER

~Top: Open Back Halter, PROMAGIC (10L!)

~Eyes: Vanity, Ikon


Song: (One of my faves :3)


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I really tried not to over-edit this time….. lol we all know how that turned out. This is part 2 of my post Spacebound. I really liked using the white hair and dark clothes, along with the blue lighting, so I did it again xD. 


~ Hair: Studio,  ELIKATIRA (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Hope tone D, THE SUGAR GARDEN

~Top: Lei- Black,  MAAI (Part of a set!)

~Leggings: Divya Platform Leggings, Santoki

~Tattoo: Understand Me If Your Can, Speakeasy (1L!)

~Facepaint: Warpaint Face Tattoo, HALF DEER (5L)

~Horns: Galaxia Horn- Cirrus Cumulus, CHUS (Edited color)

~Eyes: FATEeyes, DAMIEN FATE (They were expensive… might as well use them in pics lol)



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Hey taxi! Wait for me~ …Or not. 


~Hair: Cheyenne, Truth

~Skin: Hope d tone, The Sugar Garden

~Top+Skirt: Leo Outfit, Moimoi (Part of a Set, 50L!)

~Boots: Amen Distress Booties, Lethal (Group Gift!)

~Hip Tattoo: Male Symbol, MRC (Free!)

~Horns: Lamb Horns- Coal, Half Deer 

~Eye Makeup: Pandora’s Gingersnaps and Champagne, MOCK (Free!)

~Lips: Lip Laquer, The Sugar Garden (Group Gift, Cost to join)



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I was feeling artsy and decided to edit the living shit out of this picture. But yeah, I enjoy this white flowing dress~


~Hair: Spark, Elikatira (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Hazel, Mother Goose’s (1L)

~Dress: Liza Dress, Masoom (Group Gift!)

~Horns: Lamb Horns- Marshmallow, Half Deer (Horns not clear, but they’re there ahah)

~Eyes: Dolly Eyes- Blind, By Snow (1L)

~Shoes: Group Gift Pumps- Pearl, Maitreya (Group Gift!)


Song: (embed still not working)

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I decided to start adding some music with my posts! Everything’s a little nicer with some music. Anyways, enjoy this interesting and free dress~


~Hair: Cheyenne, Truth

~Skin: Hope d tone, The Sugar Garden

~Dress: Written2 Champagne, LRD (Group Gift!)

~Antlers: Faun Antlers- Musician, Half Deer

~Eyes: Beginner Lens- Ghost, Chus (Group Gift!)



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I am seriously in love with these lamb horns~ They’re so adorable and they match so many outfits!


~Hair: Forget, Magika

~Skin: Hope d tone, The Sugar Garden

~Top: JurassicFringe, ::CLVRGRL:: (Free!)

~Skirt: Layered Lace Shorts: Ricielli (Love Mommy Hunt, item still at store- 15L!)

~Shoes: Soft Summer Shoes, =blu=

~Nails: Black Nail, [G] (1L)

~Eyes: Nocturnal Eyes, Byte Sized Shapes (1L)

~Facepaint: Warpaint Face Tattoo, Half Deer (5L)

~Horns: Lamb Horns- Coal, Half Deer 



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