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Mmmm, I love Marshmallows~ ESPECIALLY the inworld store           ヽ(^Д^)ノ ! This skirt is coming out at there on August 1st, among other amazingly well made pieces. Seriously though, Marshmallows has some of the greatest and high quality clothing I’ve ever seen on SL. *Makes grabby hands*


(A raw version of the skirt, so you can see the quality without all of my edits n stuff)

Oh also, go check out the Rabbit Hole Sales Room… SO MUCH STUFF. AND ALSO 50L OR LESS TOO…  Just saying, but if you’re a blogger and you’re looking for sponsors, you should definitely apply for Katnipz Events. They have such cool events all the time, and the designers are just amazing. Oh how I love being a blogger :’D


~Hair: Caprice,  TRUTH

~Skin: Hope tone D, THE SUGAR GARDEN

~Top: Julia Top- Colors Pack,  DAZED DEZINEZ at Rabbit Hole Sales Room

~Skirt: Long Short Skirt- Black,  Marshmallows

~Bow: Changeable Hair Bow, Randall Ahren (1L, so many color options too!)

~Tattoo: Unisex Collarbone Tattoo- Starred, Audran (Free!)

~Lips: Cake Frosting Lip Gloss- Dragon Fruit, Pink Acid at Rabbit Hole Sales Room

~Eyes: Stephanie’s Eyes- Brown, SB (Free!)

~Nails: Ella Nails, Karacter (1L!)

~Teeth: Parted Lips, Tuli (Free!)

~Boots: Amen Distress Booties, LETHAL (Group Gift!)

~Pose: Random Pose Set- Offhand, Le Poppycock at Fabfree (5L for 5 poses!)






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Don’t mind me…. I’m just a black cat =^_^=. You’ll probably see my eyes floating around your room sometime tonight. 


~Hair+Hat: Clumsy, MAGIKA 

~Skin: Marina, THE SUGAR GARDEN (Group Gift, Cost to join)

~Top/Pasties: Mishti Top, Masoom at STUFF IN STOCK (60L Discount)

~Panties: String Mesh Panties- Black Leather, Dress Sexy

~Eyes: Crazy Lenses- Yellow, Skull Candy



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Somebody help meeeeeee D: I’m too young to die.. *sputter *cough*


~Hair: Caramel, ELIKATIRA (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Hope d tone, THE SUGAR GARDEN

~Corset/Top/Skirt: Dark Muse, Dazed Dezinez (Really detailed and well made… as usual!)

~Boots: Trinity Boots, Hollyhood at Shoe Fair (On sale- 99L!)

~Arm Warmer: Armsox- Fuzzy Dark Gray, KANDYSS (25L!)

~Horns: Galaxia Horn- Cirrus Cumulus, CHUS (Edited color)

~Eyes: Nocturnal Eyes, BYTE SIZED SHAPES (1L)

~Tattoo: Paisley Temptress, PARA DESIGNS

~Eyeshadow: Black Eyes, R.icielli

~Lips: Lip Laquer, THE SUGAR GARDEN (Group Gift, Cost to join)

~Pose: Poison Apples, Elephante Poses at Food Fair



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“The one who can change things
is the one who can throw away things
When you aren’t taking any risks, is there anything you can accomplish…?”

-Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan opening)

I THINK IM OBSESSED. If your’re into anime and such, go watch Attack on Titan… Seriously xD. It’s just great on so many levels, the art and animation is just phenomenal. Since i’m so obsessed, I made in outfit inspired by “Jaeger”, which means hunter in German (and is the last name of one of the main characters). Also, I absolutely love this hair by redMint– the flow is awesome, and the texture is top notch~


~Hair: No.13’13- Candy Blond, redMint at Hair Fair

~Skin: Hope tone D, THE SUGAR GARDEN

~Bikini: Bandeau Bikini, COCO (Group Gift!)

~Boots: Eevie Boots V3, R3

~Bodypaint: Kitty Ar va Kara, UNA (Part of a set, Group Gift!)

~Facepaint: Paint Splatter Face Paint, Half Deer (10L!)

~Ears: Lil’s Elf Ears- Simple, PANDA EXPRESS

~Eyes: Dark Skies- Light Brown, THE SUGAR GARDEN (Group Gift, Cost to join)

~Rings: Rings, REDMINT (1L!)

~Pose: Free01, O-turun (Free!)


Song: (Opening to Attack on Titan)

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Psht… haters gon’ hate. I decided to take another three way pic with my buddies ^_^. This time we tried to look french…. heh I’m not sure how that worked out. Anyways, we dug up some cheap/free stuff for our outfits. I sort of over edited the pic, so some of the stuff isn’t too clear…. you should check out the stuff anyways. Free is always the best. 


Me: (Right)

~Hair: Thrive, ELIKATIRA (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Hope d tone, THE SUGAR GARDEN

~Jacket: Mesh Short Jacket, Promagic (10L!)

~Top+ Skirt: Bustier Top/Draped Wrap Skirt- Black, C.A. at PURE SALES ROOM

~Hat: Beret- Black, Yumi Chiuh (1L!)

~Lips: Nibble Lips, GLAMORIZE (11L, these are my go to set of lip colors… they’re really well made and comes with a huge variety)

~Tattoo: Kiss Me Goodbye Chest Tattoo, Imp Tail (1L!)

~Necklace: Bees & Flowers Necklace, Rezlpsa Loc at Free*Style (25L for a set of 3)

~Eyes: Dark Skies- Light Brown, THE SUGAR GARDEN (Group Gift, Cost to join)

BendItLikeBender: (Middle)

~Hair: Tavern, Analog Dog

~Skin:  Mother Goose’s MiChi,  MOTHER GOOSE’S

~Hat: Dondi’s Doodads Houndstooth Cap Red. Art is the Key Hunt Prize! Starting point – Sour Pickles

~Top – DD Fashion 3 Corset,  Art is the Key Hunt Prize!

~Jacket : Ani  jacket, Maai (Free, Lucky Chair- Part of a set!)

~Jeans: Ladies Hip Hugger Denim Jeans – Black, Blackburns (Free!)

~Shoes: Classic Black Ballerina Shoes, Lucrezia’s (5L!)

MewingCharm: (Left)

~Hair: Later,  MAGIKA

~Skin: LENE1, MOTHER GOOSE’S (Free, Lucky Board!)

~Top: Mesh peplum tops, La Petite Fleur (Group Gift!)

~Pants: Cropped Slim Pants Green, LOVE RE ME

~Boots: Vanessa Boots, Paint (1L!)

~Beret: Mesh apple beret, C’est La Vie (Group Gift!)

~Eyes: Optimism, IKON Lucid Eyes,  IKON (Past Group Gift, new ones first week of each month!)

~Nails: Cross Nails, Nemezi (1L!)


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I got this beautiful dress from Stars Fashion, who is now a sponsor of my blog! The colors are just bright and fantastic, I would marry it if I could. It’s also one of the worst possible outfits to get caught in a stand storm with…. I can just imagine myself tripping over the skirt lolol.


~Hair: Tendency, MAGIKA

~Skin: Ganguro C Tone, THE SUGAR GARDEN (Group Gift, Fee to join!)

~Outfit: Summer Love, Stars Fashion (Marketplace Promo!)

~Eyes: Daydream Eyes II- Cassiopeia, PP (1L!)

~Post: Dusk and Summer, ELEPHANTE POSES



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The path to freedom may be a lonely one, but it is one that I am willing to take. I will be truly spacebound…. I highly suggest that y’all read Out by Natsuo Kirino sometime. It’s one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. It has some pretty interesting ideas on deep stuffs.


~ Hair: Studio,  Elikatira (Ongoing sale, 75% off)

~Skin: Hope tone D, The Sugar Garden

~Top: Mesh Tank Top Black, Sophie’s Selection at Pure Sales Room

~Leggings: Voodoo Leggings, Q (15L!)

~Boots: Studded Platform, Invader at Pure Sales Room

~Tattoo: Gift Tattoo 001, Body Factory at Chandelle (Group Gift!)

~Earrings+ Bracelets: Phe Artist’s Bangles, Baubles! at Pure Sales Room

~Ears: Lil’s Elf Ears- Simple, pe

~Eyeliner: Ebony Lust Eye Makeup, Glamorize (4L!)

~Lipstick: ~Lips: Nibble Lips, Glamorize (11L. Part of a set)



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